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Wake of Alshasra'a by Russ Linton
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I'm an experienced copy editor and proofreader with a past professional career in marketing, business, and grant writing. Genre fiction is my favorite: science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, paranormal romance and erotica are all welcome. I've worked as a freelance editor for websites, anthologies, and independent novelists since 2014.

When you’re finished writing your first draft, you have several options. If you've done much of the editing yourself but would like a professional to proof for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other errors, you will want copy editing services.

If your final draft is complete, get a second set of eyes on your manuscript before you publish! I will also help you revise previously published books if you're looking to refresh your back catalog. I provide proofreading to find those sneaky mistakes that the typo fairy left behind. For authors of short fiction, I offer reasonable rates to help you get your story submission-ready.

Hire me, and you will you get my experience in editing fiction, as well as a collaborative partner to help you bring your novel, novella or short story to market.

At Hell's Gates Vol. 3
At Hell's Gates Vol. 2
The Thing in the Woods by Matthew W. Quinn
Crimson Son: Motherland by Russ Linton
Killing It Softly Anthology

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S. Kay Nash 

I've been a full-time fiction editor since 2014, but I was a career wordsmith for over 20 years. Business writing was the keystone of my corporate life, producing everything from marketing communications and whitepapers, to sales presentations and grant writing. I've worked for companies like American Airlines, Ernst & Young, and the YMCA. However, the SF, Fantasy, and Horror genres have always been my passion. In the mid-1990's, I launched one of the first webzines that paid authors for publication, wrote for SF Site, and I've attended conventions all over the USA. I know and love this genre, and want to help you share your vision of other worlds and possible futures with millions of fans.

Forge of the Jadugar by Russ Linton